Recent changes to the new restrictions. Our shop will be closed untill further notice. As soon as we can offer any events or playing tables we will make the reservations possible again on this page. Take care all.

We are allowed to open our gaming area for Magic, Role Playing and Tabletop Wargaming. All games can be played safely withing the new Covid-19 restrictions as long as people follow the guidelines provided by the government and GameForce staff.  Tables will be limited to create enough space for a safe situation. By reserving a seat or table you acknowledge to have read and agree on the terms and restrictions written here and given by our staff at all time.

In order to reserve a table you must have an account on our website and be logged in. 
Due to limited availability of seats as a result of the Corona virus restrictions we can only make this possible by raising the entrance fee to € 5,-. We also want to give everyone a chance to come and play, so you will be limited to reserving seats for one timeslot per weekday per type of event. So if you reserved for Wargaming on a Friday you won't be able to reserve for that type on any other Friday until that timeslot lies in the past.

Roleplay on thursdays: 
There will me a max of 4 tables, each allowing 1 DM and 3 players. You can order up to 3 seats on one table, but you can also order less. In the title you can find information on the DM, the played system and if provided a lvl.  Make sure you are aware of this information, because we can't change your order to a different table once reserved.

Tabletop Wargaming on saturdays: 
There are up to 5 tables available for gaming during these days. You always reserve for a complete table so you reserve for 2 players. A table costs 10 euro for a day. 



Terms and restrictions:
To prevent a situation where the same people reserve tables and seats for every week, we made a lock system on new reservations. You are locked out to make more reservations untill your current paid reservation has passed, so you can have only one reservation active for each of the 3 days. 
Payments can be done using our webshop but it's also possible to pay on the day itself using cash, pin or your gamecard. To compensate the difference while using the gamecard we just add 2 euro to that.

Family, visitors or guests are not allowed in, there will only be room for those that made a succesful reservation. 
If you or anybody in your household is sick, has been sick recently of have any of the known covid-19 symptomes, you are not allowed inside. Keep your distance, don't wander off. Stay at your seat or table. 

Reservation steps:

1.     Select a table on an available date and timeslot below

2.     If applicable, indicate for how many players you are reserving. If you see 4/4 that means 4 out of 4 chairs are still available.

3.     The entrance fee(s) will be added to your shopping cart

4.     Complete your order as normal

Disclaimer: We preserve the right to change DM's last minute due to illness or otherwise unforseeable unavailability. We will try to find a replacement DM willing and able to host the anounced system and level but for obvious reasons we can not guarantee that.

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