Casual Saturday: Commander

8 februari 2020 @ 12:00 – 18:00
€ 3,-
We are currently hosting Commander on the Saturday at the GameForce, but in a slightly altered way. On this page you can find all the additional information as well as our ticket booth.

Iedere zaterdag kan er Commander gespeeld worden bij de GameForce. Neem je favoriete Commander decks mee, teken onze inschrijflijst en je kunt meespelen.
Iedere week verdelen de aanwezige spelers zich in groepjes en gaan vervolgens gezellig een paar multiplayer games spelen. Na een tijdje wordt er van groep gewisseld, zodat je steeds weer nieuwe spelers, decks en commanders tegenkomt!

Every Saturday is Commander Casual Day at the GameForce. Bring your favourite Commander decks, sign our sign-up sheet and you are ready to play!
Every week the players will divide into groups for some fun and friendly multiplayer games. Players can also switch in and out of groups, so that they get to play against new players, decks and commanders every single time!