Dominaria United – Game Day (draft)

24 september 2022 @ 12:00 – 16:30
€ 20,00
Game on! The Game Day returns with Dominaria United!
We’ll be hosting a draft tournament. After we draft our decks out of unopened draft-boosters, we will play 3 rounds of Magic (best of three games). If necessary to determine a top 8 and or winner, we will play an additional, fourth round
On top of a fun tournament in a new limited environment, we’re also handing out a lot of promo-cards! How about a Touch of the Spirit Realm, just for showing up? Reaching top 8 will gain you an alternative Workshop Warchief. And for the winner a Shivan Devastator!
Hope to see you all soon!

Start time: 1200h
End time: 1630h
Tournament fee: € 20,00. This includes 3 boosters to draft with, 1 setbooster prizesupport, store entrance and € 1,50 bar credit

Please come prepared, make sure to have an active Wizards Account >>