FNM: Standard

5 oktober 2018 @ 19:30 – 23:30
€ 3,-
We are currently hosting a slightly modified version of FNM. The information in the first paragraph below (both in Dutch and in English) is still correct, but this article here talks you through some of the Covid 19-related changes.  The most important of which is the need to buy a ticket beforehand through the ticket booth (link available in the article and at the top of our website). Of course, to compensate everyone we are now giving away (foil) Promo Packs to all participants!

Iedere vrijdag spelen we Friday Night Magic bij de GameForce. Het formaat is Standard (https://whatsinstandard.com/).
Perfect voor beginnende spelers, terugkerende spelers, brewers, veteranen, etc. Kortom, iedereen is welkom! Samen spelen we natuurlijk een avondje gezellig magic, vier rondes, waarbij plezier voorop staat!

Iedere week zijn er een aantal speciale promo packs – met rares en mythics uit recente sets – die worden weggegeven. De nummers 1 & 2 winnen er sowieso een, maar we verloten er iedere week ook vier onder de overige spelers, dus je hebt altijd kans om zo’n mooie prijs te winnen.


Every Friday we play Friday Night Magic at the GameForce. The format is Standard (https://whatsinstandard.com/).
A perfect opportunity for beginners, players returning to the game, brewers, veterans, etc. Everyone’s welcome! Together we will play four rounds of magic, with an emphasis on having fun and an all-around good time.

Every week we have a number of special promo packs – with rares and mythics from recent sets – that we will be handing out. Numbers 1 & 2 in the final standings will win one each, but we also raffle off at least four of these packs to the players who didn’t finish as high that week so everyone has a chance to win!