Friday Night Magic – MODERN

23 december 2022 @ 19:30 – 23:30
€ 5,-
Brewers! Play-testers! Game grinders! No, players! Unite and join us in our Friday Night Magic event.
Every Friday we will host a tournament in a casual environment, playing 4 rounds (best of three games) of Magic. We will rotate pioneer and modern. This week’s format will be modern.
Bring your own modern-legal deck and show us you’re our Friday Night Hero!

Start time: 1930h
Estimated end time: 2330h

Tournament fee: none, all we charge is the store entrance fee


We will hand out a foil Wizards promopack for every player going 4-0 and regular Wizards promopacks will be randomly divided amongst all players who register to the event in-store

Please come prepared, make sure to have an active Wizards account
Hope to see you soon!