Friday Night Magic (standard)

1 juli 2022 @ 19:30 – 23:30
€ 5,-
Brewers! Play-testers! Game grinders! No. Players! Unite and join us in our Friday Night Magic event


Every Friday we will host a tournament in a casual environment, playing 4 rounds (best of three games) of Standard Magic


Bring your own Standard-legal deck and show us you’re our Friday Night Hero!

Start time: 1930h
Estimated end time: 2330h

Tournament fee: none, all we charge is the store entrance fee


We will hand out two foil Wizards promopacks for our highest scoring players and up to two regular Wizards promopacks randomly divided amongst all players who register to the event in-store

Please come prepared, make sure to have an active Wizards account


For more information about the Standard format, check out this instruction page for more information


Hope to see you soon!