Pre-release 5/6 (Two Headed Giant): Innistrad – Crimson Vow

Het 5e van 6 pre-release events dit weekeinde is multiplayer! Two headed giant betekent dat je samen met één partner de strijd aangaat met de concurrentie. De kosten zijn aangegeven per team van 2 spelers.

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Starttijd: 1230u. Zorg dat je op tijd bent!

New players: you will need a Wizards account to be able to play. Please come prepared and create one at

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Fifth of six pre-release events this weekend is multiplayer! Two headed giant means you will team up with one partner and face the competition together. More on 2HG:

Starts at 1230h. Make sure to be in on time!

New players: in order to speed up registration it could be convenient to make sure you have an active DCI number. Register via

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