Return of the Paper FNM (Standard) and moving the Arena FNM@Home to Thursday

Paper Magic returns on the Friday!

Starting this coming week, there will be a couple changes to our Magic event schedule. No need to panic just yet though, as we hope they will mostly be positive changes.
The past weeks we of the GameForce have constantly been evaluating whether or not it would be safe to start up our Magic tournaments in the store again. Last weekend we opened up for EDH/Commander, but this coming Friday we will also, after an hiatus spanning several months, start hosting paper FNMs again! More on that later.
Additionally, we will be moving the Standard FNM @ Home, that we currently host weekly using our Discord and Magic Arena, to Thursday. More on this later as well.

Paper FNM (Format: Standard)

This Friday, July 17th, the GameForce will reopen for FNM again. We have come up with a floor plan that allows players to play Magic in accordance with the RIVM guidelines, but we are also asking for your cooperation!
The next paragraph contains several new rules, but we would also like to ask of you to adhere to our instructions on the day of the tournament.

First of all, the amount of players will be limited. We will start with offering 10 seats, leaving some room to scale up if all goes well. Ths means that you need to make a reservation if you want to play. You can do this via this special page, where you can also find several other rules. Please read all of them carefully before making your purchase.
Secondly, when you arrive at the store we will assign you a seat. We ask that you remain seated during the evening and limit yourself to only necessary movements.
Because players will be seated further apart than they might be used to from earlier events in our store, we ask you to use your phones to look up any cards your opponent plays instead of leaning forward and/or picking them up. This helps us adhere to the 1,5m rule as well as limit unnecessary contact moments. Of course, a judge will still be available to answer any rules disputes or other questions you may have. From a respectable distance.
For the foreseeable future our Deck Lending Service will not be available. We thank you for understanding.

Lastly, a short paragraph on the actual tournament. After each round we will be cleaning the tables, there will be hand disinfectant available in copious amounts, and we will be adhering to the 1,5m rule. Of course, this does not mean we cannot also have fun!
To compensate you, the player, for all of these inconveniences, we have arranged for Promo Packs for every single participant, three of which will be foil! So everyone will go home with something!

Moving the Standard FNM@Home to Thursday

Starting on Thursday July 30th this event will be on an indefinite hiatus. We noticed that after opening up for our paper events again, our Arena event had trouble finding enough players to fire consistently, so for now we will stop hosting them. If they return in the future there will be a seperate announcement.

To give our players the option to play in as many of our weekly events as possible, we have decided to move our weekly Arena Tournament from Friday to Thursday. Starting time and the method of signing up remain unchanged, both can be found on the ticket page. This change takes effect starting this week, so the first TNM@Home will take place on Thursday the 16th of July.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through our contact page, our Discord, or via Facebook.

On behalf of the entire GameForce Events Team, we hope to welcome you soon!