Saturday MTG – Modern

24 september 2022 @ 11:30 – 16:30
€ 10,00

Once a month we would like to invite you to one of Magic’s most popular format: Modern!

Please make sure to bookmark your calendars, as every fourth Saturday of the month we will be hosting a Modern event. It’s perfect to come and pilot your brand new brew. Meet up with some pre-COVID friends. Or just come and kill some slow Saturday-afternoon hours. Time to sleeve up those modern-bordered cards, write your bestest decklist and join us in the GameForce! Hope to see you soon!


Start time: 1130h (estimated end time: 1630h)

Setup: 5 rounds of swiss

Rules enforcement level: Regular, with decklists (In case we wanted to collect a metagame breakdown for reporting, and to prevent people forgetting to bring their original deck for every first game of a match)

Tournament fee: € 10

Prizesupport: € 5 per player in prizepool, awarded as booster credit (we don’t want to force you getting a boosterpack we chose – you can select your own prizes!)


Participating in this tournament requires a Wizards account. Please come prepared and have one created up front

For more information about the Modern format, please check out this information page

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