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Geldropseweg 83, 5611 SE Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Sunday, Family day

Store front

We have been open at our new address for 2 months now, its time to catch up. Such a move is quite a lot of work, and although we are not completely finished yet, it is starting to look like a shop. The stickers have now been placed on our facade and everyone knows where to find us. But we have also been able to greet and welcome many new faces to our always pleasantly busy play area. So busy that it can sometimes get a bit warm, but air conditioning is on the way. This way we are well prepared when summer starts. We are going to put a lot of events on our agenda, even more than before. Lorcana is starting to become very popular, and we will also start with Star Wars Unlimited and Altered. Does it all still fit, I hear you think? Yes, because we are simply expanding our opening hours. May I have your attention for…..Sunday, Family Day!! You read that right, we also open on Sunday afternoon. So every week, from 12 noon to 5 pm!! This is a project we have been working on for a while and I am pleased to tell you that it will start on June 9th. The theme is family day, because it is an ideal day to come and play with your family. But it is also intended as an overflow for the other days because they happened to not work out well for once, but you still wanted to come and play again. There will be incidental events on Sundays, sometimes very large ones, so there may be the occasional Sunday when we are already quite full, but apart from these types of super events, there is room for your game every week. Whether this is Magic, Lorcana, Pokémon, YGO, One Piece, Digimon, D&D or Warhammer, there is usually room. I also expect that many board game players will make grateful use of the Sunday afternoon. So it will soon become a lot of fun. But family day also means that we will focus some activities on this specifically, such as kids D&D. Keep a close eye on our agenda. GameForce will continue all summer without closing holidays, you can count on us.