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Geldropseweg 83, 5611 SE Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Games Workshop

Dark Elves

Games Workshop is, among other things, the publisher of the well-known tabletop wargames:  Warhammer 40K and Age of Sigmar. These games are based on miniature soldiers of all kinds, shapes and races. These miniatures together form a real army with which they try to defeat the opponent. The games are mainly intended for 12 years and older.

You play the games with two (or more) people who fight against each other on a self-made battlefield. You try to get your models in a good position to shoot at your opponent or attack them for hand-to-hand combat . You use magic to help yourself or to antagonize your opponent. The winner is decided by a combination of skill and luck. Players roll dice to find out, for example, whether an arrow hits or whether an opponent has been knocked down.

You don’t buy the models you play the game with and that’s another great aspect of this hobby. You still have to assemble these plastic and metal miniatures yourself and then paint them in the colors you want. The miniatures are available in various packages, some per piece, others per group. Games Workshop also offers the possibility to create your own terrain in your own style. Ruins for an urban terrain, trees and hills for a battle in a wooded area. You can’t think of it that crazy. Of course there is also ready-to-play scenery available.

On Friday evening, the Eindhoven Eternals will be playing in our store. More information can be found on the Eindhoven Eternals Facebook page.