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Geldropseweg 83, 5611 SE Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Store & Gaming area

Winkel en speelruimte

GameForce was founded in 1999. Because we organized a lot of events, we soon felt the need for our own play area and a room to receive customers. This led to the opening of our shop in 2004. Our range has changed regularly over the years. Products came and went, trends changed. But over the years, Trading Card Games (TCG), with Magic; the Gathering, our most important product group. In addition to a full range of new products, loose cards and supplies such as sleeves and deck boxes, we are also the largest provider of Magic events in the south of the Netherlands. In addition to Magic, we also have Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Flesh and Blood, Digimon, One Piece, D&D, Gundam (Bandai) and Ugears in our range. There is a friendly atmosphere in our shop and play area and everyone feels at home. Feel free to come and have a look.

Introduction gaming area

Welcome to our gaming area. Our play area is non-smoking and no alcohol is served. Our bar is richly stocked with soft drinks, sweets, ice cream and snacks at reasonable rates. It is therefore not allowed to consume your own drinks with us. We ask for a contribution of 5 euros per day for the use of our play area. Of this you get 1.50 back in bar credit.

Why a large gaming area?

Games are meant to be played with others. Many people are alone or have no one around to play their favorite game with. You may find a connection with us. Not everyone’s mother is happy with a large army on the kitchen table every day and sometimes you just don’t have room at all at home. Even then you can contact us.

Another, no less important reason is that GameForce does not believe in hard commercialism. We think it’s important to offer our guests the total hobby, instead of just selling you the games. Our huge playing area, combined with the numerous facilities we can offer the players, gives our guests a feeling of being at home. You will find the opportunity to learn, prepare and play. Nobody gets bored with us.

The final reason for our large latitude is one of necessity. The fantastic need for us to welcome large numbers of players into our playing space on a very regular basis. Players who come for our fun activities and very varied tournaments. Especially our big Magic tournaments are often very busy.

What is possible in our gaming area?

In brief; almost everything.

In addition to the considerable capacity of the play area, there are all kinds of facilities to support your hobby. Things like scenery, game tables, paint tables for the miniatures players, but also a well-stocked games cabinet for board game enthusiasts. Good, large, sturdy and smooth tables for card gamers.

We also organize many activities for: Magic; the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokémon, Flesh and Blood, and Warhammer. These activities consist of tournaments and organized meetings from beginner level to expert level. See what’s about to happen in our always packed agenda. As said, almost anything is possible and we are always open to new games and suggestions from our customers. If you have an idea, come along!